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Want it up
Want it up
Mi leave mi girl
Bruk way
Yuh have it up

What a body full a curves
What a girl full a shape
Mi want it up
Mi cyan wait

Loving, I loving, I loving your body, gyal (Loving it, woah)

Love when yuh
Slow whine, take all a your time
Nah leave, til you're mine
Oh God, you're so fine
Pretty like a ruby from the mine (I really)
Love how you look inna your pretty short shorts
Everything pause when you a walk past (Bruk)
Bare man a stare, but nobody nah talk
Cah you too serious inna your dark glass
You know man Genna Genna get har heart soft
As mi walk cross she a smile, strart laugh
Say she have a man, but the wedding call off
Girl if mi haffi fight fi you then the war start

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