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Cut and clear
Woah (Why?)

[Verse 1]
Mi know dem wan' kill mi
Mi all ah dream see mi death
But Jah Jah never leave my side
Ah him ah lead fi mi step (Oh yes)
Jah Jah cut and clear my path, move di trap weh dem set
So bless so nuh vampire cyan put no bite pon mi neck

Keep blessing mi Jah Jah
That's all mi ask for
Protection mi Father
Dem wan' see man under

Praise ye di Lord
No, no, no
I don't wanna see di morgue
Oh I say praise ye the Lord
I don't wanna see di morgue

[Verse 2]
Mi know dem wan' stop mi
But right now it too late
Mi say ah rise man ah rise
When dem wan' mi fi stressed out and lose weight
Ghetto yute, don't sell your soul, know seh yuh can move mountain through faith
Oh yeah
Man an step inna di street all when it hotter than ah toothache


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