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Nas & Michael Kiwanuka

"Rule The World (I Came From The City)"

[Intro: Michael Kiwaunuka]
Do I want to rule the world?
Or will it conquer me?
Do I (?)
Or will it turn to me?
Do I lose my mind?
Cause it's been wandering
Will they ever let me out?
I've been wondering

[Bridge: Nas]
I came from the city, yeah
I came from the city, yeah
I came from the city, yeah

[Verse: Nas]
I came from the city, yeah
Got my name from the city, where?
The most dangerous city, let's take a trip back
Back in the time

1977, it was maximum crime
The president neglected us, him and 6 masterminds
Six powerful men put New York through some drastic times
The rich and selfish ones feed off the welfare ones
And which borough suffered the worst? Hmm where I'm from
The Bronx
We had to rumble with rivals on the rubble
While buildings around us would crumble

I dream right but it seem like nothing find me be trouble
I see the light, it's right there at the end of the tunnel
Had to find my rope to pull me up
Cause I needed some kind of hope to fill me up
Till I met one guy, took 'em under the wing
I coulda died if this man ain't intervene
He was an orphan, my savior
Free spirited, no man braver
He was honored and gifted, his name was Shaolin Fantastic
The lady killin' romantic, can't forget the day we met
And this story be canceled but yo my life began last year
Sophomore High School, that summer I saw her, said to myself
She'll be my wife soon
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