Chet Hanx
Hakeem + Blake Battle
Yeah, uh, uh, yeah, uh
Lord forgive what I prepared to do
If you look me in the eyes, you can see there's a zoo
I mean, I guess growing up in your beach chair was cool
Until a white boy got more street cred than you
You can hear my hunger pains, if we clash to fame
The type to chop your head off just to snatch your chain
Hold up, he thinks he's got to sauce, oh he thinks he's swagging on me
Well I pack enough shells to turn your sauce to ravioli
Got to habit, to have it on me
It's magic like pulling rabbits from hats, I'm a hazard homie
I had a tragic and drastic lonely past
But now I got these guys all stressed
Cause I'm coming to collect like I.R.S

I'm a Lyon, you just lying on the oath, that's perjury
All of these diamonds cut around my neck, I need surgery
I'ma put this man in the dirt
You just a white boy lost, that's an amber alert
Okay, these next couple words may be very unfamiliar
Cash, coins, guap, money, moola, scratch, skrilla
I'm fresh, cool and fly, jets to Dubai
You belong in the cubicle with dress, shoes and ties
If you run around saying you the best, who am I
If I put you on the guest list, yes you denied
I'm the ruler, I'm the heir, the prince of zamunda
This is a chess full of treasures verse the cooler full of beers
What's up
Uh, yeah
Okay, I'm going to the top
I'ma never stop
Plus you got the swag of an undercover cop, or a plumber or an opp
The dude from dumb and dumber
Hold up, no wonder you got the floor covered, you a mop

How you think we even see even
You got your whole style from a BET season
How you pitiful and sloppy
Miserable and c*cky
And I what separates the original from copies

Watch me
Meditate, levitate, you a featherweight
You was never great, I'm a heavyweight
If you hesitate, I'ma educate
You a minute man, just a second late
My crown is a heavyweight
If you put it on, your whole neck will break
And I got next and I except the hate