Agar Grove diss Freestyle lyrics


Huh Huh Huh

[Verse 1]
Purges, purges, purges, purges
Now I know why the opps upset
Four got drowned and we still get 'round
Clearly, clearly we lost our meds
n***as can't say much about my set
'Cause we got bodies and we get bread
Bro bangs dotties and aims for heads
Rest up Sadiq, we don't aim for legs
Nutz is fat and he lost his breath
Creep's is tapped, ah, what a mess
Mitch got killed, but got shanked less
That's what happens when you aim for necks
Ay chill out how your talking rex
I can't 'cause them man p*ss me off
I was p*ssed that it didn't go through
Why?, cause then I woulda switchеd it off
Rocky chats all this crud on tunes
Boogie happenеd, what happened at the pizza shop
You ain't done nothing to none of my goons
So what drills are you speaking of
Sus watched [?] upon the bus then he speeded off
Oh golly, nah akhi you're taking the p*ss
I guess Mitch ain't loud enough then
Add some Sadiq to the mix
Most of my opps already been hit
Like kezza, done split
How the dot-dot split
Not know how to control this stick
Then go opp block, then give it a ring
Bro had Sus in this ting
I told itch you go
He said: "What does that mean?“
I said "Bleach“, but he gave it a clean
Goodness me, I'll release the spleech
Stupid Mali's, stick to lean
And don't turned disabled like Mr. Bean
Got us to halo, what I mean
And now a ding-dong really cheap
This horrible splash must cause vivid scenes
P, P, P, P
Ay, free the guys man

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