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I just f**ked your ho, got some face in my bathrobe
No flex zone, I don't brag so why they mad for?
So high off that ganja, got a n***a feeling astral
He say he want smoke, boy be careful what you ask for
Grab my M14 and rip that n***a a new as*h**e
Way before the virus, I would pop out with my mask on
Feel like Soulja Boy, hop out the bed and turn my swag on
I don't got no waves, but got a Gucci du-rag on
Momma had seven kids, but I'm the one she brag on
Never bought my b*t*h a purse, but got a Berkin' bag on (Damn, son)
G stars hold my XD, so you know my pants gon' sag on
Send him to the lord, and that boy done got scheduled
Pulled up-

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