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Loud Luxury

"Cold Feet (Mixed)"

[Verse 1]
The city sleeps, but I'm awake
You left without saying anything
Said "I do," I guess you don't
You were never ready
Dancing tipsy in the street
We were living like a movie scene
Then you go and dropped the diamond ring
Said it got too heavy

Cold, cold feet
They're walking out on me
Hide nor seek
There's a haunting melody
Singing oh, oh, oh
Where're you gonna go
Cold, cold, cold feet

[Verse 2]
Wherever you are I wish you well
Sunday morning's gonna hurt like hell
Angels singing wedding bells
They're not ringing for me
I couldn't do a thing to make you stay
Miss Julia Roberts, don't you run away
Now all that I'm left with here today
Is one hell of a story
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