White 2115

"Like Father, like Son"

Yayayay, ayay, yayay

[Verse 1]

And I just waaa-nted to write you a song
But I don't know how to start
My head's full, but filled with wrong things
And I think, I don't know, daddy
I don't know whoooo
I'll be when I'll grow. (Who
I'll be when I'll grow? Just tell me.)

I'm sitting there, where yo-uu
I'm smoking just like yo-uu
In background plays a be-at
More and more people are telling me, that I look just like yo-uu
I've been waiting so long, I've been trying to find right words
But I was a boy and didn't know how
And I just waaa-nted to write you a song
That I would remember forever
I'm raising a toast for you
And I'm arguing with my bed
And today I won't fall asleep
'Cause this song playing in my head
And for the first time my throat is sore
I don't wonder, I'm singing thru teaaa-rs
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