Future & Young Thug


[Intro: Future]
I popped a pill without much skress
I got rich with no direction
I'm doin' way to much flexin'
(Wheezy Beats)

[Chorus: Future & Young Thug]
I popped a pill, but I ain't skressin' (Popped a pill, but it ain't stressin')
'Cause I got rich with no direction (Got rich, yeah, ayy)
And I been doin' way to much flexin' (Way to much flexin')
It made my daddy feel neglected (Daddy feel neglected)
Feelin' like dynamite, this PJ done went to my head
f**k the TSA, we boarding the jet with the lead on us
I copped a brand new wraith, ain't even come with a head on it
And they had to drop the case, 'cause I had to much cash on it

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
I ain't even gonna' lie, I'm doin' a little stressin'
I spent me a milly on a Jetin
I'ma go ahead and shoot, I ain't doin' no tusslin'
I ain't even gonna' lie, I 'done got a lil rusty, ey
We plantin' seeds like its sesame
Baby you should see all my accessories
I used to wanna be like the Jetson's
Then they passed me the ball, and I went flushin'
Ever since then, I ain't stopped'
Poppin' purses, Jesus I'm a space cadet, federal gate
Word to Birdman, Bed-Stuy got like 50 boroughs, ey
Mink is on my floor, look like a bear just hibernatin'
I can put different ice on err'day
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