070 Freestyle
[Verse 1: 070 Shake]
Shark this, shark that
Never gon' scare me
Heart this, heart that
Never gon' tear me
Want me, one:
Don't you ever compare me
Kill me right before I make a legacy
'Cause you don't wanna see me make the best of me, jealousy
Killa man, jealousy
Say I never call
Say I'm hard to reach
But you haven't called in weeks, baby, practice what you
F**k 'em all, life is sweet
Got some acid on the beach
On the line
For the lines in the bathroom
Don't be mine, don't be mine
That's a bad move
Don't be mine, don't be mine
That's a bad move, yeah
First tat, face tat
Mama had to face that
Took a couple Ls, rolled another
Had to face that
Come through once, never come again
Wrote you a love letter I will never send
Pay you my attention girl, you know I love to spend
It's just me and you girl, forget about ya friends
About ya friends
About ya friends, yeah yeah
Clap it up, wrap it up
We ain't got space baby
Lap it up if you done
Acids a couple rounds
Now I'm done, now I'm done
Now I'm done, now I'm done
Yeah, yeah
We can go forever girl I got a strong team
7 up to the lights when we come onto the scene
Cut a hoe, when I cut em off like I'm bleedin'
Summertime summer shorty
Baby girl, I need ya
Say you straight up but I got you on your knees, uh
All up on the white, ooh baby, now I'm skiin'
[Verse 2: 070 Malick]
I copped the coupe and it's purple
I don't want her
I deserve her
Yo b*t*h want it, then I serve her
A n***a get loud, then I murk em
I ain't never been a pu**y
Yo b*t*h let me get the cookie
I was twelve rockin' Stussy
Now I pull up with the Raf on
Couldn't see her, put the flash on
Y'all thought this was a bad song?
If you did then you're dead wrong
If you wake up and don't get it
I know that you def gon' regret it
I ain't answer but I read it
Squad came back from Texas
Skinny n***a still flexin'
Old b*t*hes still text me
I won't run so don't test me
Might drop an album next week
Or I won't, maybe we'll see
Sippin' purple like it's grape juice
I got choices I could still choose
I'm why your girlfriend don't text you
What don't make you might just break you
I'm doin' things that you can't do
You sayin' things that you can't prove
Gettin' to y'all like a breakthrough
Pull up backstage at the venue
In the city makin' big moves
I love my mom and my squad too
Cut through like a shark tooth
Clear waters like the deep blue
Not on my side, then please move
I want more than the money, yuh
Young n***a but I'm hungry, yuh
I can't make nobody love me, yuh
Boss up
Make boss moves
If it's about money, might call you
Man, I love that I can't lose
White cup of that Rozay
Goin' up and we still paid
070 makin' big waves
070 makin' big waves
070 makin' big waves
070 makin' big waves
070 makin' big waves
070 makin' big waves
070 makin' big waves
[Verse 3: 070 Phi]
070 makin' big waves
070 makin' big waves
070 makin' big waves
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'ma live for the people
All these n***as, they be see-through
Never bite the hand that feeds you
You need me, I don't need you
I was down, but I came up
Promise I would never change up
But I gotta get my change up
She gon' need to step her game up
I just laugh when she tell me
She want Xans and a telly
I got plans so I dubbed that
Bet the next n***a cuffed that
Easy pu**y, I don't want that
420, I'ma puff packs
Leave that b*t*h in the smoke
She always gon' come back
I'm always in the field with it
Ever since I was a lil' n***a
Let my dreams steer the wheel in it
Got me so far gone, yeah
070 so strong, yeah
You'll be waitin' so long, yeah
If you wanna see us off, yeah
Winter, spring, summer, fall, yeah
We'll be all year long
Every single year-round
N***as' talkin' that talk, yeah
But I don't ever hear a sound, no
Never see 'em on the scene, no
Never puttin' in work, no
Got a liter of the lean, yeah
You know I gotta keep the purple
All your effort won't affect me
We'll be in Atlanta next week
Then it's MIA, yo
Don't ask me for no peso
All my young n***as stay close
Build up like a Lego
Till they can't say a thing to us
And they gon' do what we say so
[Verse 4: Bheeshma]
Real talk, yeah
My n***a, what happened?
N***as go work and we get to trappin'
I told em get movin', they better get to packin'
F**kboy you actin'
All of em just mad
You end up on World Star like lights, camera, action, my n***a
And that ain’t no lie, that’s a fact
Life on the line, like on Facebook, you active, my n***a
I'm good in my hood
Word to my set
Put it on God that I’m next
One of your bills ain’t f**kin' with one of my checks
Look at this chain on my neck
Y’all dough grew from the ground like a grown crop
Yo door got no key but you don't knock
My dough open up doors like a doorstop
Yo girl slow, can’t eat like yo bread drop
Dough ain't where my dough at
Yo dough-not
I pop bottles, you stay popped
Used to get models you can't cop
Used to add knots now add knots
Real sh*t though
A n***a been broke, now I get guap
Now I see my boy shot dead
We ain't run when that gun clocked
He told me time is money
Now a n***a got a gold watch
N***as dyin'
Ain’t sh*t funny
Over money
All the jokes stop
Known in my hood like Kurt Co-BANG n***a
Back in the hood
Ain’t a damn thing change, n***a

[Verse 5: 070 BeHeard]
Dreams start to feel real when
All my n***as chase it with me
All this cash we bouta reel in
Don't really mean anything
Once I get it, Imma spend it
'Cause I can't take it with me
Spread love in my city
Take that, like I’m Diddy
Roll up
What’s the holdup?
I don’t wait for these hoes bruh
They just show up when we show out
When we chill
Shut ya hoe mouth
Don’t be talkin' that nonsense
I’m broke, got no commas
Soul rich, livin' conscious
But I be smokin’ my product
I’m a pothead
Drop acid
Take a lil' long to pa** it
Carve "chief" in my casket
No, Imma live ‘til the earth end
Roll trees, then I airbend
Fly over the ocean
Dive in and resurface
Hopin' all this sh*t worth it

[Verse 6: 070 Hack]
We livin' out on the east
Like two-four, I’m a beast
I paper chase, no sleep
Kush lines got me beat
My reality's a dream
High as hell, I’m a fiend
For the love that she bring
But no no no no
We can’t no mo’
My hustle float on a boat
Row, row, row, row
I’m rockin' with 070
Worldwide, let’s go
Game time on pro
A couple judges all around us
They wonder why we always low
Stop actin' like you know me
Y’all can’t get close to me
I split the plate up in seven pieces
Just for the n***as at war with me
I’m goin' hard 'til I'm in the dirt
All chest, no leg work
Young n***a with a goal in mind
Walkin' with faith in my third eye
Silly n***as y’all super blind
Silly n***as y’all super blind
Silly n***as y’all super blind
Silly n***as y’all super blind

[Verse 7: Ralphy River]
You were never there when I was there
And I was there the whole time
I witnessed the whole grind
I put back on my own time
When it's showtime, know it’s grown time
I run it back like it’s breezy
The impossible is lookin' easy
Man I grew up on some G sh*t
Now I pop tabs just to see sh*t
That was one-two
This is three, b*t*h
We could've took it to the summer
But we do not share the same hunger
070 gets through all the thunder
N***a 070 gets through all the thunder
Knowledge is actually pain
I been sufferin' learnin' some things
I’m feelin' low now
I’m feelin' low now
I know that you ain’t the change
All I do is grow now
Yeah grow now
How are all of you the same?
How do psychedelics make me sane?
I gave myself my own name
When did I get so many options
Like a QB when I’m pickin’ options
I know what I’m takin' is toxic
But it gets me through all of the nonsense