Lil Kayla
One More Chance
Lil Kayla gimme one more chance
I'm like f**k no tried to play a P
And f**k around with them sl*t hoes
And b*t*hes close to me
That's the reason I can't trust hoes
F**k shady man I turned around and did the n***a cutthroat
N***a tried to play a real b*t*h like I won't leave him
Little do he know might have his n***as in my DMs
I can be a shady a** b*t*h and f**k ya best friend but
I ain't even worried bout yo a** I'm to the next man
N***as never know a real b*t*h until they lose it
Then realize it's too late and now they sitting lookin stupid
All you b*t*hes birds but you b*t*hes don't be fly tho
Hoes be puffin garbage but be swearing that they high tho
Had a nasty n***a and he ate me till my eyes closed
Woke me back up did it again and he swallowed
Half you grown hoes got ya nerve to say I'm nasty
Cause if I'm nasty, then b*t*h you childish if you ask me
Hear you b*t*hes talkin, y'all ain't not really sayin nothing
Don't worry I don't want your n***a he ain't payin nothing
You hoes be hella worried and I stay up for discussion
They be watching hella hard like it's they n***a that I'm f**king
And b*t*hes get excited get on twitter throwing blunts
But yo n***a was on me and I was never up on him
And don't ever disrespect me b*t*h he ain't even a 10
Everytime I make a b*t*h get outta character I win
Imma real a** b*t*h and I ain't got nothing to prove
He be f**king around with me
And he be f**kin around with you
How the f**k is that yo n***a and I never had a clue
Better fix your situation baby he ain't claiming you
Don't compare me to these b*t*hes
Cause you know I go the hardest
He be feenin' for the pu**y but I got the n***a starving
No matter what he telling you he f**k with me regardless
And these b*t*hes say they crazy but they really be retarded
Told these b*t*hes get they mind off a N***a run it up
If a n***a ever left me I would never give a f**k
I would take the time I put in him and put it to my bucks
And it's forever when's it's real
So if you leave you fake as f**k