Lil Kayla
Hit ’Em Up (freestyle)
Lil Kayla wa**up
Aye look
First I'll f**k these b*t*hes, I don't trust these b*t*hes
Let 'em make a false move, I'ma bust these b*t*hes
You claim to be a peep but your n***a got snatched
And you never got him back b*t*h how you feel about that?
Ay I'm a loud a** b*t*h
I do wild a** sh*t
Don't waste my time on that always need a crowd a** b*t*h
Red nose, big shoes, you's a clown a** b*t*h
And if you ever hear my name you better clown that b*t*h
Look, so I scheme make a n***a go insane
Try to see if I could get him to the crib and give me brain
He already knew my name, I didn't have to say a thing
His new b*t*h is a lame that's a motherf**kin' shame
Cause ah
I'm a real a** b*t*h off the bat
I don't feel b*t*hes, talk slick and get slapped
I come across some paper I be sippin' with mac
And wit this lil' [?] hit this is a rap cuz
I'm in the streets thats where I be that's where I'm at cuz
I feel like he run up on me and get clapped cuz
It's crazy n***as wanna link cause I'm a rapper
You better get your b*t*h cause I don't wanna have to smack her