Lil Kayla
Ice Me Out (Remix)
(Lil Kayla)
Put it all over your mouth
Is it real good is it gon make you shout?
Im tryna see what that head is about

He eat on the bed, he eat on the couch
He do it so crazy he turning me out
Pullin my weave like he pullin it out
And then put his fingers all up in my mouth (hold on)

Slow it down, this young b*t*h go rounds
The way that i'm bouncing up and then down
You would think im tryna lose a few pounds
F**k so many times can’t even keep count
He get it so wet I think he gon drown
My n***a real and yours is a clown
My n***a go crazy and he from the town

? and ? freeze me give me pneumonia
Got what i need then im pulling up on you
Got some real n***as to pull up and dome ya
I'm from the NOLA but i new orleans
When we be f**kin we like to record it
I call him daddy go put me on maury
Put that on god that you hoes ain't important
How could i ignore it. It was big so i had to explore it
Treat it so precious i kiss and adore it
Scream out my name lemme know you enjoy it
I can employ it, give it 8 hours
F**k on the floor then we f**k in the shower
When he go down it be smelling like flowers
He knock it down like the twin towers

(Ally Cocaine)
I just came to get nasty with it don’t need you to put no ring on it
Lick it, slurp it, tongue kiss it, baby i just need you to eat on it
Now hit it from behind and watch my booty, won't you squeeze on it
Don't want to have your babies n***a, im gon let you skeet on it
I ride it with my feet daddy, i don't use my knees on it
Now whisper in my ear tell me how bad you wanna do me
I know you like it freaky pop your thumb right in my booty
Got a trigger on my pu**y cause it buss just like a uzi
This fruit be extra wet but you just make it extra juicy
Now i done lost my morals for it, i hit it at his momma house
He got him some bomb d**k make you think osama out
He got presidential tongue b*t*h he got obama mouth
I even be squirting on it, he done brought the fountain out
You know i'm your nasty b*t*h, you ain't gotta ask me sh*t
Ooh la la manajatwa i recruit the baddest b*t*h
We gon make it to a slug and we go head and pa** the b*t*h
We ain't got no strings attached but you f**k me so pa**ionate
Put me in your mouth take me to the NOLA and go down south
Put me in your mouth take me to the NOLA and go down south