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Lil Kayla

"2 Da Neck"

Huh, ayy, look
I'm tired of these hoes runnin' my business back
Don't even know what the f*ck they be talkin' about
Man, these hoes always talkin' about they gon' see me and do this and do that
But know they ain't gon' never do sh*t
They never drop locations, they know I'm with the pull up fast
Huh, ayy, look
I don't need no cosigners out here, but I definitely got a few of them motherf*ckers, you heard?
Look, huh, look
Lil Kayla, what's up?

I pull up to the function to the neck (To the neck)
Look, and I dare a b*tch to stare
Hop on me, I can't go if I get checked (Uh)
Turn into Water World, leave one of these b*tches wet
Ayy, long ass hair, custom bulletproof vest ('Nough said)
I keep my man initials on my neck (On my neck)
And I'm still screamin', "f*ck the opps," with my chest
f*ck all that nice sh*t, you b*tches made me upset, look
And I'm tired of b*tches speakin' on my business, damn (On my business)
How the f*ck is you a witness?
Don't even be around me, b*tch, we don't even kick it
Next time you hear my name, your duck ass need to zip it
They know what's up with me and I ain't duckin' sh*t, baby
I don't think you b*tches want me to get crazy (They don't want it)
We a different breed, baby girl, them trenches made me
Have to beat a n*gga baby mama ass for talkin' crazy (For talkin' crazy)
And I'm still it, b*tch (b*tch)
And the n*gga still mines and you b*tches still p*ssed
Somebody better tell these hoes to get a grip
Ain't no laces on Balenciaga so I can't trip
Sometimes it be too much on my mind, so I sip (So I sip, ayy)
And me a bro just split a brick
Hit for a couple bands, got it all off the bid
Can't nobody tell me sh*t, f*ck your feelings, ho, I'm lit
These b*tches always got an opinion about somethin', damn
Go get some motherf*ckin' money
Split it down the middle, ain't no motherf*ckin' tuckin'
Only thing on my mind is a motherf*ckin' hundred
These hoes woe and they lost and they losin'
You always got a problem 'cause your n*gga always choosin'
Not interested, baby, I'm sorry for the confusion
It ain't like when you see me, you was gon' do sh*t
All greens down Third, b*tch, I'm cruisin' (b*tch, I'm cruisin')
Bust a right on the Q, see what they doin' (What they doin'?)
Big B's up in traffic, I be movin' (I be movin')
And any b*tch who think she on my level must be stupid

Lil Kayla, what's up?

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