Lil Kayla
Solo Cypher
These hoes not f**kin with me n***a on my momma blood

RIP Nut still remember everything you taught us
See us getting money now b*t*h don't call us
EDD got all these hoes swearing they ballers
I been hitting the road for that sh*t and that's on mommas

If you don't f**k with me then why the f**k I'm being brought up?
Ten bands down the drain, I'm trynna clean my lil charge up
Saks fifth, and Neiman Marcus trynna swipe these cards up
I seen three of my n***as at nine star finna get caught up (damn)

We got hunnids we got fifties we got dubs in here
Me and my b*t*hes dripped down b*t*h it's a flood in herе
Between me and Ty you know we got that mud in hеre, big blunts in here and if my n***as near you know it's guns in here

What's the tea? I heard these b*t*hes out here sharing bags
You hoes ain't poppin in real life ya'll taking care of tags
Keeping receipts so ya'll could take a pic and take it back
You gotta do all that? You should've left that sh*t where it was at, aye

I ain't been f**king with these n***as I been laying back
But its this one n***a I want and we been playing tag
Was too excited and f**ked it up, damn, That's my bad
I ain't gone ever f**k it up again, he take me back
Damn! I done let this n***a turn me to a simp
Stupid b*t*h, What the f**k you doing? Posed to be a Pimp
Damn I slipped, F**k a n***a feelings Posed to be keep it lit
Player sh*t, On a n***a Get that d**k and then you dip aye

Could always have him in my court don't get it wrong silly
But I ain't trynna give these n***as sh*t they want from me
I got a n***a doing time that's coming home to me
If I go broke I got some n***as bringing loafs to me aye

I got a n***a that's gone come behind my wrong doing
I got a n***a make me feel it in my soul n***a
I got a n***a all he want to do Is throat pu**y
Really wouldn't need a man if I could eat my own pu**y, b*t*h

At Union Square I'm trynna find some drip on a b*t*h
This rap sh*t been bringing in them chips, f**k a hit
N***a, F**k a hit aye but I'll still run up in some sh*t


Why the f**k these b*t*hes always speaking on me damn
I don't even want yo n***a I was f**king on his friend

Could always have my patna get yo man
But what the f**k you was gone do b*t*h even If it was yo man
I'm just saying
All ya'll b*t*hes betta pipe down
I got enough money to get yo gang wiped out
I'm sending b*t*hes home early street lights out
Then I'll go and call me --- up and eat or suck my life out

Every time I'm with that n***a make him eat eat
Just dropped a four up in this Fanta b*t*h I can't see
All these drugs I gotta take just to get sleep

It's still money on the M RIP C, B*T*H