Kadhja Bonet
Gramma Honey
Gramma Honey's made of humming
She'll keep humming in her sleep
Hum for brother dear, hum for me
Hum for love, hum for peace
Hum like ooo,ooo...

Gramma Honey's tired of hurting
Hope she lost the hurt in sleep
Hurt for you, hurt for me
Hurt for all humanity
Hurt like ohh, ohh...

And I'm sitting here trying to be half the woman
In hopes that I might reach half of that
What a special love Grammas have
Give you all the life they've left
Love like ahh, ahh

Tiny stars they light up the sky
Show the way for you and I
Keep on hoping you'll hum once more
Won't you let me show you -- to hum once more hum like hmm. hmm...