Show Me the Body
Taxi Hell
Fingers count bills
In front of him
Faces, Benjamins
In this country, he make amends
For his sins, in the war on the port
Tell me how much was the ride
To bring his body back
Was it based on the weight
He sends his bag, money
To his family waiting, honey, daddy
Driving his taxi
Tell me what was the price
Of the casket and grave
Carried by his brothers
Every night is a risk
Skipped on or jumped
Standing by the pump
Holding the gas
Tell me, how big was the hole
They left in the back of his head
As big as his eye?
In death he is blind

Born in Bangladesh
Died in America
Bleeding waiting waiting waiting
Waiting to be married
Tell me, where is the shooter
Hasn't he already paid in his guilt
Tell me where are the children
Lessons of hate
Lessens this guilt
Lessons of hate
Lessons of guilt
Lessen this hate
Lessen this guilt
Lessen this hate
Lessen this guilt
"They makin' it unlivable bro, they wanna get you stressed out so they can put you in the f**kin' prison cell, and then they got you workin' in there and they got motherf**kers buyin' stocks in that sh*t, and then they got mandatory... They gotta keep that sh*t full. You know what happens to the prison if they don’t keep it full?
Them motherf**kers get fined bro, they get a fine. If they don’t keep the f**kin' prison full, they get a fine... That’s a fact. And that’s where they wanna keep motherf**kers so they hire all these a**holes and make 'em get on the street. And do some crazy sh*t. And that’s what’s going on."