Vinny Changos
To Ba** be the glory

[Verse 1]
Eight to the bottom, eight to the top, wavy
Mobbing, f**k it [?] for ya
Ba** for your hips, pop in it and lock
[?], blow it, all goddamn night
I got b*t*hes, that's my business
As my witness, I need two to keep my d**k
I pull up on 'em with the sh*ts
Mess around and catch a body f**king with this chick
Wait, I know you got n***as tryna f**k you
Wait, I know that your n***a he don't trust you
Wait, to be honest I would keep you close too
But I'm not your n***a, I just want you, aye
You are now rocking with the coldest, yuh
Pour it up and sip on this slow sh*t
Purple keep a motherf**ker focused, yuh
That molly keep her pretty legs open, yeah

I just want a lil bad b*t*h on my mattress
I might move a lil fast baby, but we'll get past it
Acting up like it's too big for you, so dramatic
Roll me a blunt of that gas, I don't smoke no babbage
Hold on, wait
[Verse 2]
Do not put a label on the ting baby, yeah
Take my [?] and got no name baby, yeah
You already know the gang supreme baby, yeah
Turn the pu**y to a [?] fiend baby, yeah
Got to hold it on me like five yards back
But my other n***as don't know what to do with that
She the type to like a little pain with it, wait
Mess around and put my whole name on a b*t*h