Yelawolf & DJ Paul
Light Switch
[Intro: DJ Paul]
Put the needle on the record man
Let’s bump some of that Yelawolf and DJ Paul

[Intro: Yelawolf]
PBR cans and ditches
Big trunk rears rolling over ditches
And PBR cans in b*t*hes hands, PBR
(That DJ Paul beat)
Don’t smoke, I’m blowin up city yards
This city yours, I burn this
The f**k? See
See it was sh*t but..
Hold up, Keep your doors in
F**k man
There gotta be a way to describe this sh*t man
I’mma figure this sh*t out
Fo real

[Verse 1]
Gold teeth on my silver spoon
Frosted flakes on the paint job
Country boy from that pit of goons
White folks that you can't rob
Yeah, at fourteen sippin' four-zeros of St. Ides
Fifth grade with a switchblade
Pentagrams on my fake watch
Levis from the thrift shop
Busta Rhymes on my feet, F**K
Daddy's back in the penitentiary now
Clay stuck in my cleats, WHAT
Mamma's all in the J O B
Flame tip to that cheaba cheaba
Seeds poppin' like Bama does
Meet girls in these green Adidas
Gra** stains from the walk home
Cargo pants full of M80's
Crushed pills in my watch pocket
NoDoz at least ten daily
Geeked up, tripped out
Tired eyed, brain fried
Mouth full, lips out
Mushrooms, sack dried
Backwoods cannot hold the dope
Gotta half an O in a crystal bowl
Young girls in a web trap
Brainwashed liked a vegetable
Take some of this blood soup
Kinfolk it's just me and you
Blood mates with a twenty-two
Witchcraft and the b*t*h is through
Light switch, hell nah
They shut the motherf**king power off
Ain't that a b*t*h, f**k ya'll
Gotta get my neighbor up just to make a call
Light switch, f**k ya'll
I'ma grab a notepad, I'mma write it all
That's right b*t*h, I'mma turn it on
Looking at this sh*t, it’s like click to a light switch

[Verse 2]
Out to my old life with that tall-boy
Drink it down to the spit bath
Natty Ice on the floorboard
Role models can't get that
My whole motto was just laugh
Laugh it off and just get mad
Either way I'm up on the roof
Looking for cars to throw bricks at
Anarchy is in my genes
Middle fingers and pipe bombs
That's how I stay entertained
With no dad, right mom?
Fishing hook on the hat brim
Grease under my white nails
Hard truth to this false world
Learned quick to fight well
Give thanks to the microwave
I'm a chef when I'm home alone
Tryin' a cook a banana peel for me and Betty to smoke on
Tin foil with a big bend makes no smoke, hood smoke
Before the [?] I was packing res' with [?]
Skull up with them cross bones that's no place to borrow soap
Pirates out in that deep south go pop pills like Pablo
Don't speak Spanish they heat manage
Crime watch and them pine cops
And the black suit with them mag lights
We them dope boys in the pine box

[Verse 3]
Trench coats in the hallway
That young man's got an old gun
But when Pop left, got them safe keys
That age gap is a short jump
Babies all in that grave sight
Tears drop on that Jesus piece
Black clothes, Johnny Cash
Come hostile and you leave in peace
White stripes, red stripes
White stars, blue night
That banner's up in that trailer park
Them pigs flashing them blue lights
Psychological motherf**ker
Power trip and they pat you down
Stunt ya growth with a steel cage
That'll make a grown man act a clown
Tire treads on them gravel roads
Old school with them rusty hoods
Baby seats full of crystal meth
High risk but the money’s good
Sherm sticks in the bosses hand
Parliaments I smoke by the case
Watching all of this in my land
To the b***, nothing goes to waste
Grease trap of the nation’s pit
Oh how they just savor it
Hoods dropping like flies yeah
They got a plan for you, just wait for it
That statue was a major b*t*h
But man I feel liberated
Took this sh*t like a dung beetle
I had a ball, I innovated