Yelawolf & DJ Paul
[Intro: DJ Paul]
Ya, Mafia, Slumerican
Scale-A-Ton, Slumafia, let's go

[Interlude 1: Big Henri]
(Take a look at who I am)
(A psycho motherf**ker that was raised in Alabam')
I got a master plan
(Take a look at who I am)
(A psycho motherf**ker that was raised in Alabam')
I got a master plan

[Verse 1: Big Henri]
I kick in the door screaming Slumafia, b*t*h
Now make some room for me and my partners, b*t*h
The first one to jump gon' need a doctor, b*t*h
From what I just slipped in your vodka, b*t*h
Yeah, that's exactly who I am
Psycho motherf**ker that was raised in Alabam'
Damn, I should've cheated on exams
Instead I sold dope under the bleachers in the gym
Damn, I'm way different from them
Said my chances slim, but now thеy're like "Look at him"
Touring all in Berlin with twins who said thеy have
A fiend go anywhere, so f**k it, I'm everywhere, Henri

[Verse 2: BRAY]
And I keep a semi in the dually truck
You could say I've seen it all, the way it came to us
Two million dollars off a harvest with these kind of bucks
Take a second, kill the game with these kind of bucks
Make a mess, give me a second while I count these hundreds
Legendary lettuce sprayer 'bout to f**king run it
Pedro Paris, I pull up with Psycho Black and Billy
Hunting for a billi'
Big coat, two Glocks, yeah I stay gettin' it
Southpaw hit it, big bank theory
I'm the one, the only one that ever wrote your ending
I'm the one, the only one that ever wrote my business
(Boo!) Hollow tip pierce 'em (Boo!)
[Verse 3: Gangsta Boo]
I'm squatting over here, I know he see my booty bigger (Boo!)
He liking all my pictures, tryna get me to pay attention (Damn)
You all up in my DM but your visage at my crizz-ib
Nasty-a** boy tryna get it how he lizz-ive
I'm out here catching flights, I ain't out here catching feelings
It's 2021, my vision clear, I'm on a mission
Big pimpin' on the scene, man it's diamonds on my tizz-eeth
Hell yeah, I'm acting funny, I don't want you next to mizz-e!
Riding round dirty, UGK, five joints
Talking sh*t unless you speaking that Slumafia pride
On that muddy river with that pistol, on my Memphis sh*t
A case of a little b*t*h, hypocrites be super counterfeit, yeah ho

[Verse 4: Lil Infamous of Seed of 6ix]
Don't smoke but I'm breezing the burner, slick vein but you bleed when I'm armed
I got a recent reading and the psychic said that I'm psycho while reading my palm
I got a noose for a necklace and n***a my head is a charm, leave me alone
All my demons been leading me on, warm nights in the back and I'm scorned
I light blue flame with a gas mask, burn like butane 'til the last ash
Drag race, fast lane, full tank, do the dash, crash full speed ahead like Mad Max
Other words I got rec's, curse word on my flesh
Don't give a f**k about your respect, got 'F**k You' tatted on my neck

[Verse 5: Locodunit of Seed of 6ix]
When I'm barred at a bar I get barbaric, murder on the menu like it's Bob Evans
If the devil wore Prada I'm Tom Ellis, b*t*h, I'm John Dillinger in the Great Depression
And my ice selection, b*t*h, is quite collective, with a white pedestrian who don't like rejection
She give me a b****** and she tastes profession, she starts asking questions, playing detective
I got the rock, f**k the eyebrow, we'll just go back to a blackout, on 'til it's blind
N***as ain't sh*t with that gunfire, these n***as shooting like sci-fi on some bad WiFi
I'ma murk you and your allies, gas got me down to fight light, go where I like
I'm in the store in the men's department looking for shoes that'll go with these mob ties, b*t*h
[Interlude 2: DJ Paul]
Slumafia, ain't sh*t stoppin' us
Slumafia, ain't sh*t stoppin' us
Slumafia, ain't sh*t stoppin' us
Slumafia, ain't sh*t stoppin' us

[Verse 6: Yelawolf]
Grew up on sofas with roaches crawling up in my ear, sh*t
Y'all don't get why I'm crazy, I'm only crazy clear with
My vision 2020, my third eye it has no eyelid
My bird's-eye viewers, peeking over mountains I've accomplished
I've only just begun, my hiking boots ain't even on yet
I'm haunted, my ghost is like a Jedi from a spaceship
I flaunt it, I put that knock inside that trunk, I got that bump, I Donkey Kong it
Rollin' barrels of whiskey through Wal-Mart just like I promised
They tried to give me that bondage
Accusations ain't worth what I made from this f**kin' zombie Apocalypse in the armpit of America's arm with
Multicultural seamless diversity English
From Alabama slang-uage and the process was never painless
I ain't gotta remind all my brothers who Michael Wayne is
Targeting me, you're shameless, but shamefully they with heinous
It's easy, I'm just a cracker, too salty to entertain this
The hood was like a pane and I added my color, stained it
Spent time in the trap with killers, spent time in my trailer changing
Altered my ego, Billy Catfish is another brain with
These dialects that I used to cross borders to get the aimless
To follow the bulls I target; I had to kill the heifer
To keep the boots leather, I had to be a stepper
So pick your poisons in your orders, I'll continue morphing
I don't partake in this hate and all this social distortion
Still recording; rap is in me just like a vocal sword for me to soar with
Screamin' eagle, 120 f**king flooring
With a 50-pound bag of dope I stole, I can't afford it
Crooklyn, New York; in the tape deck I sorted through
Digable Planets hits to a Triple 6 beat I hoarded
Collected and did my due diligence; send and live poorly
But I was never boring, too busy building my fortress
Oh and one more thing
You said I need to retire, you're preaching to the choir
I'm f**king tired, but how is it I'm still reaching higher
Cause I'm insatiable, thirsty and worthy I desire
What I desire is fire to burn the bridge that these b*t*hes build to the sire
My Slumerican empire
Crossed paths with the devil, I left that f**ker cross-wired
Sacrifice them like an ancient Mayan
Above the head, but only the body of what I once aspired
To people thankfully I killed the moth
Peeled them off, chilled them out, and sealed it with the cross
Was in the Matrix but that pill is lost
Grow my hair out and I won't shave it till I hear Led Zeppelin clear a cough
Because I've earned that rock and roll respect
I'm saying this like it's a wish and I don't know it yet
But I do, just like I knew I'd be here now
So take this last run of hip-hop and let me take a bow