Year of the Ox
Sesame Seed Oil
Look, when I die, shower my casket with sesame seed oil baby, Korean Style
When I die everyone gets [?] at my funeral, two fish one [?])

What up Korea? It's Lyricks you've probably never heard of me
Wake up, open your eyes, like cosmetic surgery
Ask your favorite rapper who they favorite rapper, they refer to me
What happened to Year of the Ox, transparent murder team, hold up
I know my face is swollen and bloated it's cause five in the morning I ordered a [?] and thought it was important to try the [?] get my instagram out and record it
Just for my boom bap supporters, you know?
Speakin' of boom bap, it's the return of the [?] face
Hacked a hotel system with a single serve of the toothpaste, but
On this glorious Tuesday I wrote a verse with a purpose
And I came to [?] studio so I could deliver it in person, but listen

I used to be righteous, but now I try to be peaceful
You talk sh*t about G2, Imma stab you 49 times till you die [?] 친구
And hit up Seoul [?] YunB
Hit up Paloalto-hyung and maybe Swings too
And make a eulogy for your funeral after that get some [?]
Cold as ice, homie. You don't know this life
Man I'm the best you know, I'm a professional
[?] When I freestyle I get sexy like Jessi, oh
Let it go, man you freestyle [?]
[?] beat metronome
They must be stupid or crazy thinkin' that they could touch me
Their skills missing like four floors in an Asian country
I'm like 'f**k it I don't know what's worse'
This Hillary/Trump sh*t or the fact that Korea's run by a puppet
Like, I want change but I say it in the mirror
Please pray for [?] homie and I'll pray for Korea
But this is rigged I'm out of here, this is the YOX baby
When I die, I want [?] inside of my coffin instead of cushion baby

Imma be knockin' 'em out cold if I catch 'em slippin'
My rappin's different something you have to witness
Some of you have the wisdom but you lack persistence
My att**ude is capitalistic and you're bad for business and your paths are twisted, but the opposite of what a pacifist is
And that's what this is, a man that is naturally gifted
Uncanny spectacular writtens for fans that'll actually listen, damn
This Asian man, he's crazy get that [?]
And he made them choke like he was Vader when he raised his hand
It's easy to see when we composing [?] and decomposing
They features frozen in astonishment but we control them
We keep composured and seek a zone that we need to go in
Release a moment, unreach upholdable, weak opponent
I'll keep it rollin' till there's nothing left but teeth and bones
Until these speakers blown from me screaming out 'who you sleepin' on?'
Come on son, you know I get it poppin', I bring it proper
You get in a squabble with my squad you better bring a doctor
It's been a minute but I benefited by getting better with it and I'm better fitted to never let them forget who did it
You can just tell 'em that it was JL the equalizer
So many bodies buried deep it'll take weeks to find them
You've seen the science in these designs that I leave behind
And I'll proceed to rise till you see me flying like a DB9
And I'm not trying to be a reminder, but trying to redefine
To find a piece of mind that further validates my reasons why