Year of the Ox

[Verse 1: Lyricks]
Low simmer, Ox bone dinner for the cold winter
Rollin' up to the bodega to get some cold Stellas
Old jealous brothers won't tell us that we are go-getters
Don't matter: we don't chatter, just shatter the whole set up
Dine with the ones that were broke with me eating ramen noodle (Yuh!)
I wanna feed my family, learned it from Papi Chulo
And when we feast with the team, it's getting us all centered (Ooh-wee!)
All together to grow and ultimately become better!
Team a**essments over beef intestines
Omakase for the squad, perilla leaves and peppers (Chk-chk-ka!)
Ego check with a souffled egg
It works everytime that I see it: try it, I guarantee it
Keep it traditional, but still the future with it
I'll refuse to bend: it's YOX in the end, and we're too committed
When the food is finished, we view the spinach
Review the footage, then we KBB real quick to see who'll do the dishes

[Chorus: Lyricks & JL]
Food! (Kill it, then cut it, then cook it like it's-)
Food! (Kill it, then cut it, then cook it like it's-)
[Verse 2: JL]
Left it at a high boil bowl of ramen with the chili thai oil
Pick a side, or we'll pick a side for ya
I'll take a plate of grandma's daikon and dice it right for ya
Then, wash it down nicely with an iced cola, twice over
Blueberry b***er smothered on my flapjacks
Covered it in syrup, and in my stomach's where I stashed that
Morracan Lamb Chili Sandwich, had to dash back to Seoul just to grab that
And as a matter of fact, I'll have a platter of crabs marinated in soy sauce
Or shave some pork off onto a tortilla or torta
But pork jowl is the cut that I most prefer
Such a lovely sound when something succulent slowly burns
And as the rotisserie turns, and the juice is drippin'
Who could refuse Peruvian dishes? It's truly addictive! (S**t...)
Who could resist Halal Guys after a long night
Of drinkin' different liquors of all types?

[Chorus: JL]
Food! (Kill it, then cut it, then cook it like it's-)
Food! (Kill it, then cut it, then cook it like it's-)

[Verse 3: JL]
Put us on any beat, and watch us pick it apart
Like it was meat at a restaurant with some Michelin stars
And it was hard for us to get where we are
But we could never be too ballin' to get some McDonald's (Ka-ka-ka-ka!)
You're the type that watches "What the Health" and goes vegan
I'm the type that watches "What the Health" and orders four different meat dishes
And won't leave until there's no reason for me to be seated, 'cuz all that I'm seeing is clean dishes
[Verse 4: Lyricks]
When I go in, I make 'em so damn...
Salty that I had to start watching my sodium
See, I don't eat wreckless no more: became health concious
Half of y'all are already dead, back of the shelf options
Back then, I made it a mission to tell you
That more than half of these rappers have no nutritional value
Couldn't make it work, even if I provide the recipe
Even in hot water, they couldn't start rhymin' instantly, food! (**Raging ox**)