Year of the Ox
Mood Control
[Intro: JL]
Yeah, Ayo

[Verse 1: JL]
I heard it all, You sayin' ya'll in the zone
Yeah I believe you, But my Tommy Gun don't
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Zack Morris at the Max, we making ma**ive moves here (YOX)

Not just another Asian kid with a Bible name
Nah, I'm the type to take a dip during a tidal wave
Look who's arrived looking higher than Empire State
Look who's surprised with they lil' sweet and sour face

Who's in the mood to get blessed. You should inquire us
Portable butane stove-top has been fired up
The ramen noodles are boiling Time to crack some eggs (Huh)
Tie a noose with enjoyment, put em' back to bed

Y-O-X Y-O-X time for some violence violent crimes
Followed by violins, Roses and Violets (Huh)
Who could you even call even You better call your big brothers. You better call in that favor. You better call the Ghostbusters

Got an a**ortment of corpses stored in New York Basements I'm
Eating Salt Bae's while watching some Scorsese's and I'm Looking for more ways for me to get more wavy and I'm
Trying to see more places than Anthony Bourdain did and I'm
Trying to be more Cobain than Coltrane and
Somewhere in between being famous and being a no name and
In-between being the king of a domain and being a door man and
In-between being extremely paid and being a poor man

[Verse 2: Lyricks]
Lyricks fears no man. My flow once knocked over both bow stands
At a Filipino open mic karaoke night over in Rosecrans
I almost crushed the host, the girl singing and both parents, It was so scary, but the DJ caught it, can't mess with the Zo hands(Zohan)

I know I'm one of the best but don't test the homie though
The last person who stepped is not texting a testimonial
God Bless, we all got dressed for the ceremonial
My friends dance with Tecs and pop X, two step to Chromeo

I'ma keep going, but I'ma start this with a pause first [Pause First]
I call that Mood Control
Y'know who taught me that sh*t, Mark Wahlburg
That movie Four Brothers, in the scene when he's walking through the snow

Started from like a mile and half away that sh*t was extra hard Sniper level distance, AWP, that was extra far
Vicious like a Category 5 ripping the ceiling off
Had a vision of a statue of an ox telling me "Kill em' all"