Quarantine lyrics

Year of the Ox

[Verse 1: LYRICKS]
Marvel at the rollout, killed the hero then rode out
Slow down so you brought all your peoples you brought em all out
They could never reach em, there's something that you should know
Got them double features like Robert Rodriguez Roadhouse
Bloody with the showdown surprised you even showed up
I'll bury you at my old house then lie to the new homeowner
Like that odor that you smell fertilizer for thе garden
The tree that forms in the autumn will bе beautiful
"I beg your pardon?"

[Verse 2: JL]
YOX and Axel tho
Why's ya neck and axle broke
'Sweet Child of Mine' like Axl Rose
We tryna find how fast it goes
This the prime example of how it could get
This that once upon a time in Hollywood sh*t
Once Upon a Time in Koreatown, it's me and Ricky in a Kia
Peelin' out, no Key and Peele, no need to feel em out
YOX and Axel tossing back a couple shots of soju
Had a pack of Backwoods doin' exactly what we all supposed to

Where we goin' where we supposed to be at
Lock it down brought the quarantine back
Where we been at 'cause they sorta need that
California where they roll the weed at
We doin' exactly what we told 'em
We doin' exactly what we told 'em
They runnin' back they had to warn 'em
We got 'em exactly where we want 'em

[Verse 3: JL]
Axelbloodyaxel ran up with a bloody axe and he ask us if something happened
We glanced at each other laughin'
Laughin' all the way to the payment
Now that’s some entertainment
Last of all the greatest
They have to call us a favorite

[Verse 4: LYRICKS]
They wouldn't know, they couldn't see
I'm not playing anymore, takin' a knee
I can't take anymore, listen to me
It's not safe anymore it ain't gonna be
Like that change in the board, aim the lead
Suffocating 'em more, can't really breathe
I mean if you think you ready to stand a chance
Then you answer to me
Crazy motherf**kers that'll drive by slow
Play with the Ox and you gambling with your life like so
Treat it like a 9 to 5 now you getting clocked it's around the clock
"Why does your right eyeball look like a açai bowl?"

[Verse 5: JL]
They never forgettin' the name they could never contain all the pain
Painted a picture depicting what this is but distant as ever whatever the game
Never been playin' a bit
Never complaining a bit
Whatever they sayin' it is
Aim was to say that we lived
And they never can say that we didn’t

Where we goin' where we supposed to be at
Lock it down brought the quarantine back
Where we been at 'cause they sorta need that
California, where they roll the weed at

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