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"Who I Refer To In “Allergic To Love”"

[The 'bad boy thumpin'']
When I was a lot younger, I used to play in the street with my brother & another boy. Over the years, this gradually stopped & the boy started kicking a football constantly. My parents(particularly my dad)had begun to hate him, and I thought I had begun to love him.
Now I can see their point of view, and I'm not sure I did feel love.

[The 'biker boy with brown eyes']
When I was 10, I thought I loved someone a lot older than me. As time went on, he started to go too fast on a motorbike & become a bully. I learnt after that, and again:not real.

[The 'good boy']
Currently, I am in love with a boy from my church. When I say he's 'so bad', I'm referring to what most would describe as arrogance. Unfortunately, my mind usually gets up in it(whereas it wouldn't with anyone else). And the story being 'so sad' is because my parents have put our house up for sale.

[The 'boy wipin' cars hard']
One night, I looked out in the window & saw a boy washing a car. He suddenly started making a bigger effort. P.S. He probably wasn't really trying to impress me.

['End of the tunnel']
A long, long while ago, I was afraid to go down tunnel slides. One time when I was trying, there were a couple of boys at the end. They were taking it in turns to go in & sing "Call Me Maybe". I hated that song for a while afterwards, however, I don't now.

['Suffocation card']
One night at one of my old groups, we were practicing first aid. One of the leaders said to tie a necker/neckerchief round her like a headband. Headband has always meant hairband in my house, so that's how I started doing it. She said that was wrong, as it would suffocate me.

['Held at gunpoint, suddenly']
Have you ever heard of the ABC TV show "The Avengers"? If so, have you ever seen series 5? If so, have you ever seen "The Living Dead"? In this episode, there is an alegged ghost hunter who fools Steed into letting her come with to find Mrs.Peel. When he finds the underground hideout, she suddenly points a gun at him.

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