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I told you to stop f*cking calling me
I'm-I told you, I promise you, I can't even talk to you right now, I f*ckin' hate you
No, for real, like, stop f*cking calling me
I, I will delete you, I will block you

Every f*cking time you call me (But I'm, I'm done)
I'm gonna f*ckin' block you
You can't f*ckin' talk to me no more

On Snapchat (Okay), on Face- I don't wanna hear from you no more (Okay, ayy)
Alright, I'm gonna hang up on you now, okay?
So stop f*cking calling me

I said I hate you, stop calling me
Lose my f*cking number because I'm done
Is that good?
Uh, I can't yell at a phone (I will f*cking block you)

n*gga, you ain't do sh*t for me, I promise you
I promise, do you want that?
All the sh*t I did for you
Okay, alright, how 'bout this big sh*t like you gon' be something
You not gon' be sh*t, I promise you

I put that on everything I love, you gon' be stuck where the f*ck you're at, and you gon' be wishin' that you knew me
Okay, okay, go ahead talk all that sh*t now
But who had your back? Me, I did

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