[Verse 1]
I've ran away for miles
It's gettin' hard for me to breathe
'Cause the man that I've been runnin' from is inside of me
I tell him keep it quiet
So hardly does he speak
'Cause he wants to keep his distance
But it's hard for him to leave
He knows I hear him cryin'
Cryin' out for help
I don't know how to save him
I can't even save myself

There's many people dyin'
I've always been afraid
Not that I'm scared of livin'
I'm scared of feeling pain

I don't need another hand, I need a couple suggestions
Always had a little trouble with self-reflections
Now, does my raw emotion make me less of a man? Hmm
Always had a little trouble with self-reflections

[Verse 2]
I've been so used to winnin'
It was hard for me to lose
No, there's nothing wrong with me
There's just something wrong with you
So I've been making changes
Been workin' on my health
No more competition
Can't compete against myself, no, no, no
I'm not doin' this to be loved, no, no
I've been doin' this to be remembered
Let the people hear it if they want to
Help the one's around me get it on, too
If I die tomorrow and I'm gone
Let the blood run high
Let the carpets drown
I'll be forever now
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