Right Back


[Verse 1]
Got me sittin' by my phone, I’ve been waiting for hours
On my line, sending mirror pics of you fresh out the shower
So I might as well swing over to your place (Mmm, nah)
It’s crowded
In LA, but I’ll be there at 8 if the traffic allows it
Say you’re down, I could show you around
If you’re really about it, yeah
But for you, I got something to prove, what do you say?
What do you say?

Should we bring it right back?
Honestly, it's better like that
I know we've been falling off track
Bring it right back
I just let the time roll past
We don't gotta take it too fast
Bring it right back
You don't gotta stay the night
I just wanna take the time
I know all the things you like
Maybe if the mood is right
We can bring it right back

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