Twenty One


[Verse 1]
You just turned 21, so lately, you've been drinking
Wasted on alcohol you chase to fight the feeling
Thinking 'bout letting go, would that be easy for you then? Yeah
So lay with me, lay with me, we're underneath the bleachers
Stay or leave, stay or leave, I hope you're never leaving
All of these memories crawling underneath your skin, skin (Oh, oh)

'Cause you're in pain, but who's to blame?
All our lives, it never ends

Yeah, alright
You gotta hold on tight
Yeah, alright, alright

[Verse 2]
Don't believe everything
The sh*t you like gives you anxiety, but finally
I see you smiling when you say you need privacy
You're only hiding from yourself, mmm, oh
I say I'm fine, coming home
I see the sun come up and shut the blinds
Episodes, I know I never take my own advice when I'm wrong
But I can't do it by myself, oh

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