[Verse 1]
Unread texts and missed calls
Told everyone I turned my phone off
Didn't ask for help and now I’m lost

Life comes in phases (Phases)
Consequences and mistakes
I'm sorry that it's taken me so long

Mister, mister, please let off your power
Give me half an hour, or better yet, a full
Only sweet until it all goes sour
But life is what you make it, and then there’s more to lose

Gatekeeper, can you show me more to life?
Lately, I've been living out of spite
Grim Reaper, just give me one more night
I need another chance to say goodbye
I shouldn't have to die to feel alive

[Verse 2]
Here's the thing with disappearing
You can yell and no one hears you
Times like this, I need an ear

When I finally have so much to say
Wish I could see your face, oh
And do what I have to stop the tears
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