Ooh yeah
Oh yeah

[Verse 1]
I know I really shoulda called you last night
I know it woulda made your day to hear I'm missing you
'Cause oh, I'm missing you, yeah (Ooh yeah)
I know you wanted me to go see the world
But right now, I'd give it all to be in your living room
Yeah, sitting next to you, yeah (Ooh yeah)

'Cause there ain't an hour that I don't think about you
And if you're out there, hope you're listening

I'm tryin' not to let you down
Every night that you're not around
'Cause I wouldn't be here without you
If you could see me now would it make you proud?
I'm getting lost in another town
Wishin' you would be here somehow
If you could see me now would it make you proud?

[Verse 2]
Yeah, you taught me everything that I know
You taught me how to change a string and I've been feeling broke
And I've been feeling broken (Ooh yeah)
You're the reason I'm on the road and
The only reason it hurts each time I'm leaving home
'Cause I can't let you go, no
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