Aiight, lemme tell you how i get down
Cuz i know it's been a lil while since I graduated and you know I left Gtown
Cuz now ima mack or whateva
Im in Fendi, can't rap in Margiela
And i got smoke for whoeva
But i made dis jont for Chlöe
And i know dat she do not know me
But im tryn change allat
Cuz i pull up inna Range all black or whateva she like
Cuz she is my type
Cuz she gotta bag and she innatain
And she look good, you know what im sain
I talk to Halle, she said dat we should be togeva
I told her whatevas cleva
I told my bros ion shoot no mo
But im down bad, i gotta settle da sco
Wit her
Still won't trick, won't buy her a fur
But i would treata
Gentlemen sh*t, its nice to meecha
Pull out her chea den pull out her...ova chea onna next date
Cuz her vids be raisin my heart rate
If i was a old man, i be onna flo
Wit one uh dem necklaces tryna get dem thru da do
Where my defibrillator ?
All my jewelry on, i intimidata
Wit my shades on like da terminata
Errytime i see her, im like