Have Mercy (remix... kinda)
Let me get straight to the story
I'mma tell you lil sumn bout shorty
So bad that a n***a might crash
If she asked me, I'd go to the league, drop 40
A gift from the stars, she enticing (nice)
She ain't gotta say sh*t nicely (nope)
With the wagon in tact, it's a fact
N***as tryna break off from the back like Tyson (spinal)
Check on my vitals, way she was moving it felt like survival
Calling out names and singing them high notes
She undisputed defending the t**le
Naming them moves after her like she Biles (goat)
Slipping neurologist into her bio
Sh*t, I'm eating good in them thighs though
I'm suffocating so she'll be all smiles, LIT
Seeing them stars in her stripes that's facts
Had to dip to the crib but I slid right back
F**k a thicc n***a get real thicc back
Said, f**k a thicc n***a get real thicc back
From vision boards to figure fours
Either or I'm down to ride don't thank me for it
Say no more, I'm pacing, impatient boy's
The name of course, I'll share my location for it