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Yukihiro Takahashi Lyrics

Key / Off Duty Trip (Single) (2016)


Metahalf (2016)

Life Anew (2013)

Red Diamond: Tribute To Yukihiro Takahashi (2012)

The City Of Light / Tokyo Town Pages (2008)

Rescue / Rydeen 79/07 (2007)

細野晴臣トリビュート・アルバム - Tribute to Haruomi Hosono (2007)

Blue Moon Blue (2006)

Fine Time 2: A Tribute To New Wave (2005)


Loophole (2003)

Tronika (2003)

Audio Sponge (2002)

Another High Exit (1994)

SPEAK!!!! (1992)

Broadcast From Heaven (1990)

...Only When I Laugh (..笑っている時だけ) (1986)

Once a Fool,... (1985)

Eating Pleasure (1980)

Murdered By The Music (1980)

Yellow Magic Orchestra (1978)

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