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Petit Biscuit

"Page ’95"

Say to those with fearful hearts, "Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you

[Verse 1:]
5 years ago I had a 5 year plan
But that plan wasn't work so I did understand
All it takes was practice, cause
I always keep rushing
But I’m good, I’m a baby, my legs, keep crawling
These concrete strong enough to break bones and dreams
Cream on my brain, but that’s not my main thing
Everyone’s questioning, god protect all my fears
Look at these shoes, I bet you can’t fit my toes
Sacrifice, stretch and crawl my blood, sweat, and tears
Watch these rappers, selling souls, in the club f*cking hoes
This generation getting heavy, I’m trying to lift them back
Up in the sky, away from drugs, then again, f*ck the teachers
Someone needs to teach them, the qualities of living
I’m reaching for the stars above to paradise
Turn to page ‘95, hope your dreams don’t crush
Pray that you live slow, no need to live very fast
Every day I’m on my grind, get paid, what I earn
Came from hard work, but there’s more obstacles to come
I don’t pay no minds to these aggravated fools
Got the tools to shoot for anything, buy any means
Don’t wanna suffer the hatred as capital punishment
Trying to make change, but my actions don’t make sense
‘95 what year, we work to get a rooftop
Food, clothes, place to sleep, so well never flop

Can’t keep running away from all of your problems
Gotta face your fears or your fears won’t solved them
Is there any love anything they can feel?
Have you ever heard some sh*t that was real?
Can’t keep running away from all of your problems
Now that I’m older, gotta fight like a solider
Always got a coin whenever I toss my wish
Hope I sleep in the wishing well, when I’m well wished

[Verse 2:]
Had small friends, got enemies, cry a lot, not tough enough
Always absent, stood in silence, rage in violence
Love simple things, not ballistic, or ignorant
Hatred is my b*tch, people happy to see me suffering
Let bygones be bygones, that’s the way it is
We buy guns to demise our enemies so be gone
Those were the school days, bullies always gotta spray
Now I’m 23 like MJ, I’m a grown man today
Born a warrior, young Walter with the poems
And a solider, who explores, I’m a thrill seeker
You win some and lose some like Craig’s father Willie
You gotta face your fears our else your fears will hurt you deadly
I had to watch videos how to fight back my n*gga
Food Lion profiled me, I was Trayvon Martin
Have problems on my own, f*cks going on their life?
Tried to brush it, but my brain tells me don’t forget it
Hell raising, gun holding, new worldly dimension
f*ck the haters f*ck their life, mind, body, soul, pride
Fight in the battlefield, play all death match
Raise the flag, when I conquest all objectives

I was on the floor screaming hanging myself
Screaming at these walls, finding ways to get help
Looking at the ceiling, reaching for the clouds
If the sun could talk, it would tell me to know how
I was daydreaming l I could be the best ever
Writing with the pen, illustrated by Walter
Visioning my future, don’t know how so long
I flip my coin to the wishing well, please don’t flip me off


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