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William Crooks

[Verse 1]
Oo boy talking about you wanna be my boy toy
I don’t really think you can afford me
You got a new job so you can afford weed
Get your life together, your priorities are
f**ked up
You just wanna get f**ked up
Till you realized that you f**ked up
When you lost me
You tossed me
That other n***a he a softy
No Lauryn Hill but boy I swear you was killing me softly and I
I just wanted to be your guy
But you would rather just go get high
And smoke away all of your life
Then look me in the eyes
And tell me you wanna be sober
Boy you not a child no more, get out that f**king stroller
Sending me through all these f**king loops, roller coasters
Falling in love with all these straight boys, knowing I’m not suppose to

You been playing me
So many times boy i feel so f**ked over
You been playing
Just pushing my buttons do i look like a controller
You been playing me
L.O.V.E. me but I guess you meant to spell lie
You been playing me
Never cared how I felt just thought it was all alright

Yeap these n***as need to learn
I’m the motherf**king teacher, your professor
I profess to her that I love her
Her apex of her cerebral
She can cerebral
Suck me up and then we deep throat
I know I’m your guy

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