Loso Loaded
Loso Boat
[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Janga-lang, janga-lang, janga-lang, jang
Wipe off his name if he talk 'bout my gang
Ice on my neck 'cause a wreck when it bling
F**k up the scene
Chopper sing if you switch up
Knock him out quick in the split of a hiccup
Loso my n***a he stay with the stick up
Stay where you from if you been throw your clique up
Don't talk 'bout cash if you don't got your check up
N***as hate Boat 'cause they know that I'm next up

[Verse 2: Loso Loaded]
If I want it I'ma buy it
Valet that coupe when I ride
Got this lil' b*t*h on the side
She got that slip and that slide
Me and Yachty get it straight off the boat
Hunnid' round, gun him down with the scope
I got bread, get that sh*t by the loaf
Thirty clip extended I let it blow

[Verse 3: Lil Yachty]
Bro let it go used to post at the store
Used to pour ace in my twos
Now I chill with these jewels and count up my guap
Diamonds same size as a rock
Bro keep the Glock
And it come straight at yo top
Stop thinking what you thought, b*t*h n***a
Eighteen years old count seven figures
Make the pu**y sing just like Trigga
[Verse 4: Loso Loaded]
I got cash on demand
Make a pu**y n***a jump out the Sprinter van
Blow this money like a fan
F**kin' with Loaded my n***as are Taliban
Got the Rollie with the charms
F**k around and put twenty thou' on my other arm
R.I.P. to my mom
F**k around and give twenty thousand to my other mom

[Interlude: Loso Loaded & Lil Yachty]
Loso Loaded n***a
Lil Boat
I'm fully loaded n***a
Gettin' this sh*t off the boat
Yeah, Loso, Lil Boat

[Verse 5: Lil Yachty]
Just f**ked a b*t*h
F**ked that b*t*h and her friend
Gave her a bean, she lost her jeans
Everything ain't what it seems
N***as be faking
N***as be food just like bacon
I stick to myself now days
I learned I had to go my own ways
Young n***a I be rich for days
Boat Madden man I stay making plays
[Verse 6: Loso Loaded]
N***as some b*t*hes
N***as keep switchin'
In the kitchen got your b*t*h doin' dishes
Panorama throw them racks out the ceiling
I'm a boss, live my live like I'm Nitty
Ninth ward n***a we run the city
Slaughter gang n***a they run the bity
Marc Jacobs every step, so exquisite
All these broke n***a's b*t*hes I'm killin'

[Outro: Loso Loaded]
I'm killin'
These b*t*hes I'm killin'
I'm killin'
I'm dealin'
I'm killin'
These b*t*hes I'm killin'
I'm killin'
I'm dealin'
Loso Loaded, Lil Boat