Bass Santana
[Verse 1]
Two-Faced I'm kinda twisted
Normal life I kinda miss it
Mind on the fritz
Twisted sick sh*t need a room at the Ritz
Dark thoughts in my head
Leave messages on read
Just wanna lay in bed (Damn)

Why the f**k I'd ever lie
You ain't ride or die, mothaf**ka meet the sky
Hit you with the f**kin fye
Snort habit, got my sinuses on cloud nine
Makin bands on my lonely
Too many friends, don't know which ones are phony
I got hoes callin my phone
F**kin b*t*hes like I'm Sheck, I'm in my zone

In my zone
Godfather I'm in Rome
Sippin patron with a bad chick she foreign
4am and I'm zonin'
Need no more woes
F**k LA hoes
Goin kaioken, front on friends, makin trends
Reachin zen, no dead ends

Jealously knockin on my door like what's happening
Death knockin on my door like you unraveling
Smoke my dope finally losing focus
Ease my mind before I go explosive
Earth is my turf where the hearse a magnet
Pay me my money, don't get caught lackin (ay, yuh)

[Verse 2]
Hit you with the semi
Buy my b*t*h some fenty
Put em six feet deep
Fold my money neat
No new friends, whippin the benz
Seeing life through a new lens
No zeroes, all tens
Light work
Hakuna Matata, I live with my shottas
Darth Vader I am yo father
Spit fire need a translator
Too much money I'll do the math later
Common denominator
Not equal to, I am what's greater
Finna be on the cover of Fader (yuh)