Bass Santana
You Are Not M.O.
[Verse 1: Kin$oul]
Pack down, pack, pack
Pack down, racks out, act out
I'll pull your card, no b*t*h, this ain't no motherf**kin' joke
Light skin, dark skin, option, caution
I can't trust 'em, they be plottin' on the low
Hit me on my phone, yeah, flip a couple O's, yeah
Ice pack cold, yeah, prices for the low
Never been a ho, yeah, roach trained to go, yeah
Juggin' on my own, yeah, love bein' alone, yeah
(ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney)

[Interlude: Ba** Santana]
Wait, turn me up, lil' b*t*h, yuh
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo

[Verse 2: Ba** Santana]
Hit my n***a Bhris when the pack touchdown (Yuh)
Half on the lick, yeah, 50 with the split, yeah
All my lil' youngins, they gon' hold this sh*t down
That's just how we vomin', I been up to somethin'
I'm Olympic runner (Yeah)
N***as goin' rogue, yeah, you are not M.O, yeah
Stop tryin' so hard, yeah, y'all doin' the most, yeah
Keep your circle close, yeah (Close yeah, facts, close yeah)
You ain't goin' nowhere, facts

[Verse 3: Ba** Santana]
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
The pack came, burned the whole thang
Propane in my damn veins
Feelin' good, like okay
Sorry shawty I don't do that cocaine (Uh uh)
So high like Soul Plane
All in my head tryna know things (Yuh)
So high like Soul Plane
All in my head tryna know things (Woo)
[Verse 4: Robb Bank$]
Made her suck that d**k, she like it (Yeah)
Baby just don't bite it (Swear)
Fightin', Teen T**an
All gold Cuban, dipped and whited
I done Percs I get to wildin'
I start itchin' I get violent
Gotta TV dinner, mommy put her thighs to the side and sh*t (Yuh, yuh)
Beat it up, uh
Beat it up (Swear, swear)
Two phones, speed it up
I go get that bag, they gon' see the stuff (Yuh)
N***a do not play me like we the punks
I took three Perc 10's on a empty stomach
I made love to your b*t*h then threw it up
Yeah I ain't eat in three days, how you been like us?

[Outro: Bhris & absentwill]
What the f**k is going on
It's Bhris on the track, gonna f**k your b*t*h in the a**
Yes, you know what is going on
Yeah, it's me and absentwill
Yeah, you gotta say some sh*t too
Ooh, ayy, let me talk my sh*t too
Ooh, I'ma hit 'em with a big tool
Ooh, and I'll take they a** back to school
Ooh, skrrt skrrt in the coupe, ooh