Bass Santana
[Intro: C-Trick]
To Ba** be the glory
Smokin' out brand new [?] pack

[Verse 1: C-Trick]
Dis n***a dump
Dis n***a slow
Dis n***a pu**y, they so camel toe
I get them rap drop them off with a boat they know that I rap I gotta pa** on the low yeah, uhh
They know I'm an artist I can't show the dope
I can't tell the guns I'll handle the law if he's handled the bombs when she come home
And he was arrested let on my flight he got shot in the bed and got shot in the door
I didn't partake but I know who you're gonna cuz I got a picture of some bed in my phone all on

[Verse: Ba** Santana]
All of my opps they last bit of pu**y from one
Of my b*t*hes I’m putting them on
That's the old trick she ain't never the hits n***as die every day over f**kin' shows
I got some videos inside my camera roll to make a n***a wanna kill his b*t*h
I got a pretty hoe she wanna line him up she want the clout she think he'll make her lit
I told her line her up she wanna move with me she can't be scared to let the ops hit
I let her run out and a couple licks now you can tell her that she ain't the sh*t

[Verse 3: C-Trick & Ba** Santana]
All of my diamonds actually really lit
Already b*t*hing for rent (yeah)
I won't never tell my foot already I got tired of playing the bench
You can't see me when I’m [?]
All these those are [?] know the
Tense I’ll be speeding f**kin’ on my friends if I wreck I’m about again I