Quality Control

(Ayy, Woods, light that sh*t up)
I'm So Nonchalant

I'm so nonchalant
I'm so nonchalant
I keep two of 'em like my two red cups
Oh, on the beat, I OD [?]
Now I gotta keep one on sight, I'm a trophy
You know it's nothing, nonchalant
I drip down in Saint Laurent
You f**ked up, so what you want?

[Verse 1]
Heard she get the chills for it
Know she probably kill for it
Played her like a victim
I'm too up like asteroid
b*t*h, I'm in my bag, boy
Duffle full of cash, boy, yeah
Stuff it all in my jeans
Like the brand, b*t*h, you know I go Supreme
Talking sh*t, it get turnt to extreme
Got varieties, like its Pokémon, yeah

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