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Marlon Craft

"The One (Intro) / TTE 1"

The One

Stand clear of the closing doors please

I've been too obsessed with the tangible
So I sought the wisdom of a wise man or two
They asked, do you ask yourself what type of man are you?
You ever been afraid to abandon you?
No matter how misplaced all that anger and those bad habits be
Said at least I know that man in that sad mask is me
I replied that I don't make pass more than pass has to be
Realised I too was wise so I dashed had to flee, like
They can't tell me what being me like
They can tell that I seen strife but not how I see life
These mice, these dice, I gotta roll to reach heights
They saying I don't listen to 'em but I hear me twice
I couldn't tell you what it be like
Feel a breeze of truth and be free like
I'm drifting through the wind
No current is deterrent I'm impervious to sin
I'm worried what the hurry do, the curious the ten
The fast rides has the minds of most furious of men
So ‘fore I skirt into a fate with blurriest of lens
I asked a question that's tougher than Curry to defend
Like is this the beginning or the end?
(Like is this the beginning or the end, yeah)
(My friend)

I can feel it in my soul right now
Feel it getting old right now
I can feel the skin starting to get looser on my bones right now
Finally letting go right now
I ain't never been so happy and so scared
I just hope that I'm prepared
On this road, hope my vision don't impair
I just wanna be the one
I just wanna be the one
I can feel it in my soul right now
f*ck what you been told, I now
Know the truth about the muscle and the hustle
I don't know lies now
I just hush 'em 'til they go quiet now
I made it from a dream to a plan
With my team I'll be damned
If they try to pull the ring from my hand
I just wanna be the one
I just wanna be the one


Can anyone please spare a dollar? Spare some change? Ma'am can you spare a dollar? What about you young man? Spare a dollar please, I know you got a dollar on ya! Come on now
Yeah alright, here
Thank you young blood. Eh can you spare a dollar, what about you...

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