Marlon Craft

"Time Will Tell"

It look like reparations
Not just in donations
It look like time, sacrifice, structural compensation
It look like cheaper loans on mortgages to make up for that homeowner’s loan corporation
‘Cause those ghettos, we made ‘em
It look like less sugar coats and more Ta-Nehisi
It look like real democracy, no more oligarchy
360 deals used for enslavement doing 180's
Non-recoupable payments for all the years that you played ‘em
It look like judging corporate efforts at еngagement done by black folks on thе ground who do the engaging
No more companies making rules, standards, and criteria
Then making ads telling us they hearing ya
f**k outta here
It look like actually caring a lot
It look like their sh*tty schools becoming our sh*tty schools and actually integrating them so they fair
It’s a lot, I know, but you asked and I’m telling you so don’t back out now
It look like ‘fore jumping to conclusions, hesitating
It look like excavation, digging up your inner hatred that this nation gave us
Stop pretending it ain’t there
It look like validating your own pain and still acknowledging that sh*t ain’t fair

They like: “Tell me what it look like?”

It look like micro and macro working in tandem
It look like gettin rid of that racist-ass national anthem
It look like truth and reconciliation, word to South Africa
It look like admitting that our God is capital and abandoning faith
‘Cause capitalism is white supremacy hype man
And it look like knowing where the fight lands
And if we won’t give up bullsh*t American dream allegories in search of equality
Then it look like a saddening story
It look like leadership
It look like not stuffing our faces when they feed us sh*t we know is toxic designed to sedate us
Less talking, more being sh*t
It look like reading sh*t
'Cause there’s no substitute for knowledge
You can’t sparknotes a revolution, homie
Look are we in this?
It look like honest conversations 'bout what we would give
And you ain’t gotta give your life like on the line
But you do gotta give it daily
Will you bleed this sh*t when it’s off-cycle
Like do you mean this sh*t?
And this ain’t the half of it
But I’m just tired of writing the same raps and sh*t for years
‘Cause it look like amplifying voices ain’t mine
And I’mma try ‘cause well sh*t
It look like trying
And at the end of the day
If this sh*t look like dying
For this platform of mine then sh*t that’s what it look like
‘Cause I don’t know how I feel but I know how I feel
And that sh*t look like crying
That sh*t look like asking why and worrying about my brother’s safety
I would ride for him
So if it look like riding then sh*t it look like rioting
A lot of history just look like timing
Look around this could be ours
Go on pick your side then
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