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D Smoke


You know she's on the come up, Boy thats a lot to stomach
Threw up my love for, nothing
Tried to convince me that I should swallow my pride
Boy f**k your ride or die

(pre - chorus)
She gets you on the weekend
I get you in the weakend
Boy did I get the weak end
She gets you on the weekends
I get you in the weakend
How did I get the weak end


Does she even know who I am
Probably thinks I'm just a friend
Tired of playing that cold sh*t
Sick and tired, don't make me wonder why
Why I deal with you bullsh*t, oh yeah
Tired of playing a fool, tired of playing a fool
Trying to keep my cool, trying to keep my cool
You can keep you rules, imma keep my cool
Tired of being a fool, tired of being a fool

(D Smoke verse)
She make me feel alive, you make me feel a vibe
You make me better, you my kareta
But not cause of her, you got vandettas
You bout to lose it, the coupe bout to have a vacancy
Because lately my pillow can't read the fragrance that resembles some other b*t*h
And my decisions don't reflect the best intentions that I've sent you
Now you home girl like b*t*h you better get you man
b*t*h you better fist hoes, kick hoes
n***as don't resist cause we thinking with our d**k and pants
Barely aflout we in the deep end
Still wouldn't forgive me if I repent
My trifling ways are far from decent
That's why she gets...
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