100 Racks

Mike Sherm

Give a f**k if he can rap, I don't f**k with rats
We can't even do a slap for 100 racks
What you telling to that b*t*h, she gon run it back
Nerd n***as think they hard on the f**king app
I don't f**k with groupie hoes cause they get attached
I ain't dissing n***as back if it ain't a match
Stop speaking on my name if it ain't a fact
And y'all been riding d**k, boy you n***as fags
Done doing verse lists cause my sh*t priceless
Need a copper on my sh*t so they quit biting
I'm a grown ass man, I don't hit minors
If you tryna ride the d**k, then show me yo license
n***as really hitting hoes that ain't even driving
I talk sh*t and make sense, I'm just rhyming
Threw some ice in thе watch cause I'm big timing
Heard you finna quit rapping, quit crying
Fraud n***as still lying but I can't buy it
Freaky n***as еating ass, no I ain't trying
n***as running out the mouth, b*t*hes ISpying
I can hit any b*t*h if she like diamonds
Cash speak for itself, I ain't gotta talk
When you got four whips, you ain't gotta walk
b*t*h I'm signed to myself I ain't gotta drop
n***as signed for a chain, sh*t gotta stop
I can't take you to the crib but I got a spot
She ain't tryna let me f**k then she getting blocked
Only keep the other WAP, hoes getting swapped
When it's beef Imma eat, I ain't tryna squash
Black forces on my feet, ain't no white flaggin
Everything I drop a hit, like Mike Jackson
Even if a b*t*h a 10, still might pass it
Then my dougie, n***a I don't even like dancing
I don't even like dancing but I love strippers
Cut you off like some hair, n***a no clippers
Let her suck me on cam make me c*m quicker
She try to put me on her snap, told her no pictures
I just got a lil change, I ain't no different
I could never leave my bros, n***a no limit
Quit claiming you a demon, you a whole Christian
Broke n***a tryna folk, told him go fix it

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