Flowz Dilione

"Brothers in Arms"

[Verse 1: Chase]
Think of the days and the things that have changed
Think  of the ways that I'm living today
Think  of the crazy decisions I’ve made
That I live with and sick with and wish to replace
But I didn't, I admit I'm afraid I just
Live  with the pain and I drift through the day
And  I'm sorry for those things that I say
Get so mad blank out in a fit in a rage
Put  myself in a different place a different state
Of mind at times I don’t think I could change
I was distant‚ I was drifting away
I was always tryna quit you just didn't relate
And  everything I'd come over‚ you'd give me a taste
And put me back in that cycle that I literally hate
But if I hate It so much‚ then how come I didn't escape
You see I, had to stall yo I, had to fall
But now I'm back tryna grab It all
So with this pad Involved and this language told
Just sit back and watch this matter unfold
See I had to evolve I had to manage control
I had to latch at that passion I had in my soul
What ever happened‚ it don't matter no more
As long I'm back on this course you I battle this war
I get trapped in these thoughts that don’t happen to stop
Frozen stiff broken although the traveling cost
It feels like I’ve got the manager’s job tryna' challenge the boss
For salary costs for all the cash that I’ve lost I’m getting nowhere
But won't happen to stop till I'm back on the top so all you challengers watch out
Cause that day then I got nothing to say
Well I'ma keep moving and give you something to chase
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