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"Covered in Blood"



Covered in blood

In a room full of commotion

Nurses wiped me as my mama said devotion

With teary eyed emotion

I took my first glance

And knew for her I’d give my last breath

That was the first time I saw a tear

So I screamed...

My eyes flood when I saw a bath tub

If I knew I’d spend a decade

Tryna make waves in mainstream

I’d laugh hard

Cos the first time I saw a river

I shivered

Now I deliver oceans

In the form of Spoken Water

If you got beef then it’s total slaughter

Walking thesaurus

Brought the liquid swords

To a gun fight

They saw us and they said sorcery

Slice your limbs before you bang one

Oops you can’t shoot with your hand gone(handgun)

I saw your luck run out with my 3rd eye

Soon as you heard I was in the scenery

Puffing greenery busting eerily

I don’t see lacing a track

As being faced with a task

You think you know me

But my face is a mask

Kakashi sensei

Take slow for one month

And fast for 10 days

Got some QB (Kyubi) in me

Like I’m Nas or The sage of six paths

On a triumphant entry

With palm fronds on the feat (defeat)

But somewhere in the cold

Was my song on repeat

Cos I brung the heat

Even on the streets of this green land

Saluting the crowd

And shooting a smile

And telling them that hard work pays

Even though I rode the donkey for free

Covered in blood

In a room full of commotion

Doc reviving as my daughter said devotion

With teary eyed emotion

I took a faint glance

And knew for her I’d save my last breath

Is this the last time I see a tear

Is what I feared

Am I surrounded by the people that care

Do evil eyes stare

Waiting for the end of my life’s flare

So they can make a living hell of life

For my wife here

With their knives and sheers

Shave my wife’s hair

Forced to drink the waters

Of my washed corpse

As my uncle tries to eat her

With his pork sauce

Is this to be a man’s end

If sleep is death’s cousin

Does the trance end when we transcend

My wife stares in horror

She can barely feel my aura

She begs the doctor not to lose patience

And in the room waiting

Was my son melting

Cos he’s losing a father

Life couldn’t be harder

I need another shot

The pearly gates should come with doors o’ revolvers

I looked at the floor it was larvae

And somewhere in the heat

The song that played was YL

Why hell ?

Covered in blood

In a room full of commotion

With no emotions

It’s just the ocean

Cos my devotion

Has got me sipping potions

Just to make a motion picture

With the perfect scriptures

I ink deep to paint the perfect scriptures

El Chapo in the Chapter

Bringing Hell to the Chapel

Eyes open before Eve even had the fruit

And she and Adam had to move

I move smoother when I’m with the wolf pack

Hit the leak then move back

What I wrote was a suicide note

But I didn’t know cos my soul

Was on the road to meet the lord

And converse how my verse could be a hearse

And versatility is my ability to stand out

That’s how I left my body unguarded

But I’m here now

And it’s clear now

Even my peers fear now

I’m fierce and years upon

You will hear from years to come


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