Idols lyrics


[Vel The Wonder]
I feel like quitting before I lose anymore
Fine with empty scores
Knowing I chose any war
Time led divorce.. that I got plenty for
When you realize ya idols ain't ya idols anymore
I took initiative like my people do problems
Im equal to solve em
Yes, there's a sequel too often but..
I've never had more reason for talking than I do now
The older I get, the more I feel I do now..
A warrior for ya peoplе and ya neighbor's people
Tu lucha еs mi lucha
Our name is equal..
If anyone imposed a right to protest and fight
It was hiphop, my life, that told me I was supposed to write
So mature..
Ya sitting here so assured
Glad my adolescents is over, sure..
Forced to feel full grown even tho unsure..
I look back at that night like ya damn
I wish he never noticed her
Now I'm full grown
Plotting in the next room
Letters than move while I wait to send a text through
Sitting in my office like, who I sign the checks to?
Bruja with the hex move, taking out the next two..
It's easier said than done
A responsibility to lead the crowd
Ahead that run
I believe there's enough bread that crumb
A smidgen on my bun, big bet
Dough fed that son
My people gone get that one..
Ya Ima die of honor best believe
Ya I'll flex at done
And they gone say I'm vexed at none
Don be upset when I come
Ya begun, I'll end that run..

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