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(Pat How?)

Verse 1:
I'm trying to be honest
I'll make a change by God I seek it
But I keep makin promises when I can't keep em
I swear I'll gonna grab these demons by the teeth and beat  em
Get tweezers, leathers
Cus when the beast is speakin
Tweakin's an adhesive
When I'm not high you say Pats a good guy a nice dude
But tonight i didn't get our money right and we can't even buy food
We chose the pipe over bills and rent, over our lives too
I can see the cry in your eyes and can tell you wanna die too
Walk a mile, look in the aisles, we can't afford this overpriced food
Meats in our strides cus we only got five seven five like a haiku
And if I were you I'd get rid of me, a sh*t c**t to disguise you
While I'm out staring at the jewellers cus you could be pregnant so I gotta do the right move
These days the only time I'm happy is when I picture you saying I do
But now I know the time for goodbyes arrived cus i can't provide so like Slide you have to slide through, just slide through
Its time for us to cool off li one two f**king Ice Cubes

Your hands an inch away from mine
And I see you're too.. too scared to glide
I watch you slip and you're grip ain't tight
And I see your too scared to glide
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