Foot Ox
Calis, your finger over mine
It won't over a long time
Or in the winter heading south
It can't be living in your mouth, your mouth
I'm unsure what I was sure about, about
I'm unsure what I was sure about

Where the silent pillars grow
They won't be living in the snow
Or underwater with their wings
They're building cities on the stream, on the stream
You could only hear the boats crashing, crashing
Or building tiny cities on the streams
The streams, the streams

And I know that you have a dream
Waving a knife beneath a flower
Painted sheets below the ceiling
Opening slowly and deep
To breathe in deep, to let it breathe

So it can feed this world it loves
Is spinning 'round its heart
And opens up her arms
But it can't breathe
Til this room is dead